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Voting Opens for My Dream App

After weeks of anticipation, elimination, and creativity, voting has finally opened on My Dream App, the contest for ideas to build, you guessed it, my (or in this case, their) dream app. Although they didn't accept my excellent ideas as finalists, some of the concepts out there are amazing, such as Hijack and Ground Control. This first round of voting will eliminate 6 of the 24 finalists, who will walk away with more than dashed hopes, since they'll be receiving new iPod shuffles. Although voting is open until Friday night, it might already be decided who stays on
and who goes. Quite a few of those ideas are basically pointless, such as Puppet Constructor, and I'm kind of glad to see them go. Some of the others are pointless to me, like iGotPets, which also looks like it's going to be eliminated. Savant Carde and Bubble Fish, although not my favorites, both have potential to be really useful, so I hope they can make it back from their current deficit. If anyone is reading this, post your own favorites and thoughts on the contest.

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