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Revolutionary Rodents

Yesterday, I picked up Logitech's newest marvel, the MX Revolution. I had heard about it when it was released a few weeks ago, but after trying it out on the display at Staples, I knew I had to have it. The ergonomics are amazing, it just fits perfectly into my hand. The scroll wheel is astounding. My only quip with my "old" MX 1000 is that scrolling majorly sucks: it's clunky and terribly slow. Given that Staples had a $20 off deal on it, I just couldn't pass up the offer.
The first thing you notice about it is its amazing packaging. The front is magnetically latched on, and lifting it up shows you the mouse incased in plastic, just begging for you to set it free. Once you cut open the plastic seal, the mouse and its casing lift up, revealing the charger and dock within.
After using the mouse for a day, I just love it. Until you use the amazing fast scrolling, you have no idea how much time you're wasting on it. With a flick of my finger, I can fly down a page in an instant. In my iTunes library of 3831 songs, I can get from 311 to the White Stripes in two flicks. When I'm working on something like an essay, just a click of the wheel brings it to the same click mode you'd find on a less revolutionary mouse. It's pretty nifty how when you're in Click mode and you scroll fast, it can switch to Seamless Scrolling by itself.
The feel and general usage of the mouse, other than scrolling, is pretty much the same as my MX1000. I'm still trying to figure out how to set the second scroll wheel to switch iTunes songs, rather than bring up the Application Switcher. I've had to map my Quicksilver iTunes commands to the function keys, but hopefully Logitech will allow keystrokes for the side wheel in an update, since the lack of functionality is caused purely by software.
If you're looking for a new mouse, definitely give this mouse a whirl, and even if you're happy with your mouse, as I was, if you're a heavy computer user, take into consideration how much time this could save you.

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