Get your swim trunks, we're going out to catch the elusive duckalope.


Close the Year with Some Freebies

Anyone out there like free stuff? What about lots of free stuff? What about a free Mac application every day throughout December? If that piques your interest, than than head on over to Mac App A Day whose creators have pledged to give away 5,000 copies of a different Mac application each day in December. The giveaway starts each day at 12 AM PST, an ungodly 3 in the morning for an East Coaster like myself, but it seems interesting enough that I'll stay up to try and snag a copy, at least on the first day. The owners are attempting to entice even more people to check out their site by offering some exclusivities to those who post about it on their blogs, which might not be the wisest course of action if their servers come down at 12:01 from all the traffic. At least camping out for this won't be as cold as waiting in line for the Wii come Saturday, snug in bed with my iMac close by.