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Dancing the Duckalope Disco

Hey, I'm Richard, and I like duckalopes.
You may wonder what exactly a duckalope is, but the imaginative among us could probably figure it out. For those lacking an intuitive mind, here's a picture of one (not mine).

I made this blog for two reasons: I'm really annoyed by Xanga, and I couldn't pass up a chance at a pre-order of Disco.

Disco is an unreleased Mac application being developed by Austin Sarner, the developer of the immensely popular and unexpectedly useful uninstaller, AppZapper, as well as Jasper Hauser, the creator of some of the most beautatious icons ever, including those for AppZapper and Vienna. With developers like that, it's unsuprising how much attention an application we know next to nothing about has received.

From the little tidbits of info the developers have given us, such as a blog post titled "We're having Toast for dinner", it seems Disco is a CD/DVD burning app. That itself isn't very specific, we have no idea if this is going to burn backups for you, or movies, or replace Finder's disk burning. We do know, however, that it's going to make disk burning fun. In other context, I'd be very skeptical of how burning discs could be fun, but given how Austin made uninstalling applications, of all things, fun with AppZapper, I'm definitely eager to see how they're going to do this. And if Jasper makes another positively lickable icon for it, how could anyone resist?

What's amazing is that they did a preorder on MacZOT back before anyone had any idea what Disco even did. The preorder was limited to 2,000 copies, which sold like hot cakes, so I missed a chance at getting it cheap. Guess it goes to show you that lots of people share my curiosity about what an app coming from the creator of AppZapper can do.

My expert opinion on Disco:
I can imagine something like an animated version of what the disc would be doing as it's burning, with files flying from your hard drive to a virtual disc, but that's as far as I can get in the fun category.

I'm iffish about the UI they've been showing in the little previews, since it's not really standardish.

With everyone riled up about iTunes 7, is it prudent to release an application with black close buttons? Perhaps it's just a Shapeshifter theme that they've been using?

Also, on ZOT, they said Disco will utilize the motion sensor on recent Apple notebooks somehow in the application. I'm thinking that it's kind of a bad idea to be shaking your MacBook around while you're writing to a disc, both for the disc itself and your DVD drive.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up, since I'm betting the 50 blogging slots are going to fill up pretty fast, but I'm definitely going to work on this blog and keep posting.


Edit: Figured out how to attach a URL to text, wrote more stuff 'bout Disco, got Firefox because OmniWeb doesn't work well with Blogger.

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