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Throwing Out Your Toaster

The Disco beta was released a few days ago, and the beauty of this app makes me want to dance. Sorry for the late posting, but I was busy eating some $100 burnt toast. The beta isn't open to everyone, people who preordered it from MacZOT or posted about it on their blogs get it automatically, but you can request a beta by emailing beta [at] The first thing you're going to notice about Disco is the beautiful Dock icon, a disco ball with black flames coming up around it. A little quip I have with the icon is the small size. With so many circle icons in my Dock (OmniWeb, FireFox, Safari, Dashboard, iTunes, iSync, etc.), it just looks out of place. Something else that would just be amazing is if the icon would spin and have flashing lights while it's burning. Even if it would lose the epileptic market for Austin and Jasper, it'd definitely be a selling point for those of us not spasming on the ground. After the icon stops bouncing, one small window pops up, telling you to insert a disk or drop files on it. With the black and gray colors, exquisite use of transparency, and simple interface, Disco would already be a winner in the books of people who haven't been obsessively following Disco since it was only a tantalizing hint on Jasper's blog (read: me). Because I'm out of blank discs, I can't test out the rest of the features, but it goes to show you how well an application must be to have me ripping apart my drawers in search of a CD-R.

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